1st International Consensus Meeting on AI in Dentistry

Samstag, 12.01.2019
1st International Consensus Meeting on AI in Dentistry (Straßburg), Dr. Fabian Langenbach
Ideas and concepts how AI could support daily live and business are several decades old. However, only since a few years computing power has reached levels that make a broad use of AI possible.
It is beyond question that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to replace existing workflows and business models. Furthermore, it will ad indispensable services to established processes in dentistry. Neglecting the role of AI for the own business means taking the risk to be replaced by it.
However, we don't know where we are in this development! On the one side promised AI functionality has not been fulfilled, while at the same time AI works well in some niches.
The first consensus Meeting on AI in Dentistry will bring together dentists, researchers, startups and established companies who already have recognized the potential of AI in Dentistry, with those who are interested in the opportunities that arise for their business or practice.

Together they will discuss the Potentials of AI in dentistry for:
• image processing
• automatic detection of medical issues on images
• ensuring and supporting the diagnosis
• decision support
• best practice suggestions
• improving administration of the dental office

The number of participants is limited to 55 experts (including the speakers). The aim is an exciting and lively discussion on the state of the art, which will lead to a consensus paper on AI in dentistry.


• Dr. Fabian Langenbach (Head of Knowledge Mamagement and Digital Strategie at Quintessence Publishing)
• Prof. Dr. Dr. Bernd Stadlinger (University Zürich; Dento-Maxillofacial Department)
• Jörg Haist (Product Manager at Dentsply Sirona)
• Ralf Schäfermeier (PhD at IMISE University Hospital Leipzig)
• Dr. Martin Hirsch (CEO of Ada Health GmbH)
• Daniel Abraham (CEO, ORCA-AI)
• Sameh Talaat (PhD at University Hospital Bonn)
• Jaroslav Bláha (CEO of CellmatiQ)
• Prof. Dr. Dr. Gottfried Schmalz (Polyclinic for Dentistry and Periodontology Regensburg University Hospital)
• Simon Doser (Business Communications, Dentacoin Foundation)

More information according to the program will follow soon!
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